quinta-feira, 20 de janeiro de 2011

Yeah, I think I’m really falling for you ♥

his smell, his laugh, his lips, the way he straightens his glasses (OMFG is so gorgeous!) his clothes, his bed, his arms around me, his smile in the corner of his mouth, his voice, and when we talked with ashamed to look at each other’s eyes, what he said about me the first time he saw me, the way he holds my hand, when he kisses my cheek, the way he makes me feel like a completely fool, when he sends me messages on the phone late at night, when he says he likes me unexpectedly and leaves me no way, when he calls me asking where I am, when he complains about the guys who look at me or for my legs (hahaha) his ideas, the plans he makes, as he is intelligent and different from all the other guys that I’ve met.

The only thing I hate is going to miss him every fucking day and night. Oh sweetheart I wish you were here now.
You’re making me feel like an idiot again posting this in blogger and you’re not here, See? It’s all your fault!